Time Topic Speaker
13:50Welcome Introduction黃瑞仁 醫師
13:55Welcome IntroductionDan Silver
13:56Module 1: Introduction of BVS and VRT高憲立 醫師
張其任 醫師
14:00Introduction Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold to Vascular Reparative Therapy (VRT)Vincent Kwok
14:15Concept in the Technology and Future Application of BVS. How VRT Work for Patient? Roberto Diletti
14:16Module 2: Clinical Data- Current Status高憲立 醫生
張其任 醫生
14:30Clinical Data – Absorb Clinical Data (Cohort A, B, Extend…)林彥宏 醫師
14:40Clinical Data – Absorb ISS Clinical Data (ACS, CTO, all comer).. Released from EuroPCRRoberto Diletti
15:31Module 3: Practical Aspects吳炯仁 醫生
殷偉賢 醫生
謝宜璋 醫生
王志鴻 醫生
15:50How to Start First Cases and Ideal Learning Curve with BVS?
• Lesion Selection and Imaging Assessment
• Vessel Sizing for BVS: QCA, IVUS and OCT
Roberto Diletti
16:10My BVS Cases – Vessel Sizing and Lesion Preparation – Taiwan Experiences高憲立
16:25My BVS Cases – Vessel Sizing and Lesion Preparation – Taiwan Experiences吳炯仁
16:40More Tricky Case – Overlapping Technique for Long Lesions, NSTEMI Patient – Hong Kong ExperiencesVincent Kwok
16:55Move to More Complex Case – How to Handle BVS in Complex Case (Bifurcation or CTO) – Rotterdam ExperiencesRoberto Diletti
17:10Panel Discussion & Questions to the Experts
Panellist: 謝宜璋 殷偉賢 曹殿萍 顧博明 黃啟宏 盧澤民 王志鴻 馬光遠
吳炯仁 醫師
17:45Closing Remarks程俊傑