2016 9/3 Taiwan BVS Day
Time Topic Speaker
13:20Opening Remarks- TSCI吳炯仁 醫師
13:25Opening Remarks- TSOC黃瑞仁 醫師
13:30Lecture: Latest Evidence from RCTs and Registries on Absorb.Yoshinobu Onuma
13:45Lecture: Using BVS in My Daily Practice. How it Works for Patients in Short Term and Long Term Follow Up?吳炯仁 醫師
14:00Lecture: GT1 Introduction and How it Changes on Clinical Practice.Krishna Sudhir
14:10Q&A with Panel Discussion
江福田 醫師、馬光遠 醫師、林宗憲 醫師
謝宜璋 醫師
殷偉賢 醫師
14:20My Best Experiences Sharing Using BVS in ACS/STEMI陳俊吉 醫師
14:35My Best Experiences Sharing Using BVS in Long Lesions and “Full Plastic Jacket” Cases曹殿萍 醫師
14:50My Best Experiences Sharing Using BVS in Multi-vessel and Diffuse Disease宋思賢 醫師
15:05My Best Experiences Sharing Using BVS in ACS/STEMI黃偉春 醫師
15:20Q&A with Panel Discussion
王志鴻 醫師、柯毓麟 醫師、徐國基 醫師、劉俊廷 醫師
吳炯仁 醫師
Jiro Aoki
15:50Lecture: National Taiwan University Hospital Experiences on Using BVS within Complex Cases. Good and Bad.王怡智 醫師
16:10Lecture:Two Taiwan Medical Centers Experiences on Uisng BVS within Complex Cases. How to Handle Complications.方修御 醫師
16:30Lecture: Korea Experience on Using BVS in STEMI PatientsJungho Heo
16:45Q&A with Panel Discussion
張其任 醫師、廖智冠 醫師、陳清埤 醫師、Hiroyuki Kyono
黃瑞仁 醫師
Jungho Heo
17:00Lecture: Evidence of Patient Benefits of Absorb in Acute and Long Term Follow Up.Yoshinobu Onuma
17:15Lecture: What's Next for Absorb?Krishina Sudhir
17:25Q&A with Panel Discussion
張恒嘉 醫師、謝敏雄 醫師、吳卓鍇 醫師、許榮城 醫師
程俊傑 醫師
李文領 醫師